Which channel modes are available on irctoo? And what do they all mean?
These can be found by typing /helpserv cmodes but for your convenience, they have been pasted here for you with a little bit more detail on what some do :)

+b - Ban. You need to specify a user or hostmasked ban. Typing /mode #channel +b on its own will give you the list of current channel bans.
+c - No Colours, so -c would mean colours are allowed in the channel.
+e - Bans Exempt list. If, for example you have a really big ban on a wide range of ips eg *!*@*.aol.com but you might have some users you really like on aol, so you set an exempt for them, in the same way you normally set a ban (cool eh?). This mode can get users around any modes set in the channel.
+i - Invite only channel - users must be invited to join the channel.
+I - Invites list - this means that users can get around the invite only, key and limit modes - it works in the same way as exempts. It does not allow users to get around the +b mode.
+j - Join Throttling - If you choose to have this set, you need to give a number of maximum users you want to be able to join in a certain number of seconds. (eg. 5 users in 2 seconds would be set as /mode #chan +j 5:2). This means that if a lot of users try to join a channel at once, they will be stopped, and operators will be informed. This usually happens when a botnet is trying to flood a channel, so it is a nice piece of protection you can use.
+k - Channel Key. A 'key' is a password, so if +k is set, you need to know the channel password before you can get into the channel.
+l - Channel Limit. This limits the number of users in the channel at any one time - you specify this number when you set it. It can be another way to protect your channel against floods.
+L - +L shows the channel if there is a moderated /list (currently disabled).
+m - Moderated channel - only +v/+o users can talk on the channel.
+M - Only registered and identified users can talk on the channel. This, along with +R are a good way of dealing with a flood if a lot of users join your channel at once. When they realise they can't talk, they will leave :)
+n - No external messages from outside of the channel. This is another helpful mode to have set all the time - it stops random people (and possibly bots) from talking in your channel if they are not in it.
+N - This stops channel notices from being sent - this is useful during a flood.
+o - A channel operator.
+p - Private channel - the channel isn't shown on /list.
+P - Channel has decided not to use Spamfilter protection. For more info on what Spamfilter is and what it does, read http://users.irctoo.net/kb/view.php?id=118
+r - Registered channel - this mode is automatically set by services when it is registered.
+R - Only registered and identified users can join the channel. This is useful to have set for a while with +M if your channel is being flooded.
+s - Secret channel - the channel isn't shown on /whois or /list.
+S - Only users who are connected to IRC using SSL can join the channel.
+t - Only the ops of the channel can change the channel Topic.
+v - Voiced user.

This is a mode that only opers can use:
+O - Oper only channel. Sorry, no users allowed in these channels!
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