Contribute by linking your existing server

If you're new to IRCtoo, you are strongly encouraged to introduce yourself on the the IRCtoo mailing list in order to be considered for a link. When introducing yourself, you are not obligated to disclose any information about your intention to link a server. Instead, tell us about yourself, your channel, or whatever you'd like to share with our community.

Your chances of linking are much better if you have been actively chatting with a registered nickname.

If your server is connected to the internet by way of DSL, cable modem, or shell provider, you need not apply. We do not, under any circumstances, link such servers, but encourage you to contribute in other ways.

We will consider UNIX-based servers running our very slightly modified version of the Bahamut IRC Daemon, which is available for download from Servers in the United States and Canada must be multi-homed, with a minimum of 1MBit of transit internet connectivity. This means that we may accept a server with 512Kbit fractional T1's to UUnet and Qwest respectively, but will not consider a server with a full T1 to either UUnet or Qwest. Servers located in other countries will be assessed on a case by case basis.

In order to prevent desynchs on our network, all servers must be running time synchronization software such as NTPD. Again, this is a requirement.

You must also be running some type of proxy/wingate monitor, such as Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor.

All servers are required to be listening on port 7325, as this is our primary routing port.

All leaf servers are required to listen on the following port numbers:
6660, 6661, 6662, 6663, 6664, 6665, 6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, 6670, 7000, 7001, 7002

Lastly, your server must utilize TCP wrappers, a firewall, IP filtering, or a combination thereof. Port 22 must be restricted using one of those methods, and port 23 must not be open at all. The security of our network and your server depends on it. It's a requirement.

If you've gotten this far, you're either not intimidated by the above requirements, or you're just extremely impatient. Here's how to apply for a link to IRCtoo:

Fill out this application, and send the appropriate section of it to Remember, you get out of IRCtoo what you put into it, so please be specific and thorough. We want to get to know you and your server.

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* Java VM v1.2 or higher is needed to run jIRC on your computer

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