/nickserv set showemail on allows people to see your email address when they type /nickserv info yournick

If you keep getting disconnected from IRC and you come back and see your nick still seems to be online, type /nickserv ghost yournick yourpassword

If you forget your nick password, you can use /nickserv sendpass your-nick your-email-address to reset it - just follow the instructions in the email you'll receive - suggested by bobstay

Want to know when your friend was last online? Type /NickServ INFO their-nick and look at the last seen time.

Have you forgotten which channels you are an op in? You can check these out by typing /nickserv whatacc.

If the email address you used to register your nick has expired, you can change the email address that is associated with your nick by typing /NickServ SET EMAIL your-password new-email-address

If you want to advertise a cool website you can do by adding one to your nick, which people can see when they type /nickserv info yournick To attach a url, type /NickServ SET URL yoururl

If you have a few registered nicks you might want to get all the memos they receive sent to just one nick that you use regularly. To do this type /NickServ SET MFORWARD the-nick-you-want-to-receive-memos the-nick's-password

Don't accept DCC requests from people you don't trust - they could be sending you something malicious - suggested by LordSephiroth

Be sure you trust any link that you see in a channel or pm - it could take you to sites you don't want to visit or cause you to have a virus - suggested by LordSephiroth

If you choose to run a script, make sure you understand what it does - if it does something you don't expect it might annoy people! - suggested by LordSephiroth

Lots of channels frown on people asking about how to become a channel op. If you want ops in a channel a good rule of thumb is to hang around there for a while and get to know people, then to quietly ask someone about how ops are given out - suggested by Nige111

Do you get annoyed by having to identify every time you come on IRCtoo? You can add your ip to your access list and never identify again by typing /NickServ ACCESS ADD <user@host>
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You can link your nicks so that when you identify to one, it is like identifying to all of them. Type /NickServ LINK ADD <nick> [password]
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To tell services to stamp all dates that you see with the same timezone that you are in, type /NickServ SET TIMEZONE your-timezone For example, /NickServ SET TIMEZONE EST
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If you use mIRC and receive a private message telling you to copy and paste something with the phrase '$decode...' in it, don't! It might be a virus. Try telling the person who sent it to you to visit http://www.nohack.net - suggested by derfy

Setting an exempt in a channel lets you get your friends around a wide channel ban
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If you are not going to be around for a while and are worried your nick and channel might drop, set a successor for your channel so that you know it will be in safe hands. Type /ChanServ HELP SUCCESSOR for more info

An easy way to op yourself when you join a channel you have ops in is to type /ChanServ OPME #yourchannel

For a quick list of how many people have ops etc in your channel, type /ChanServ COUNT #your-channel

You can confuse all your friends if you have access to change a channel topic by changing the topic from outside the channel! Type /ChanServ TOPIC #your-channel the-topic-you-want

If you want to kick and ban someone with one quick command, try typing /ChanServ KICKBAN #your-channel their-nick reason

Confused about why someone is opped in your channel? Type /ChanServ WHY #your-channel their-nick

You can create a greeting for everyone who joins your channel by typing /ChanServ SET #your-channel GREETING your-message

Did you know that IRCtoo's MemoServ supports multi line memos? To separate between the lines, use CTRL+BACKSPACE

You can un-delete memos you have previously deleted by typing /MemoServ UNDEL memo-number, other-memo-numbers-separated-by-commas

Did you know that you can set your nick as away when you are offline by using memoserv? You can even leave an away message! type /MemoServ AWAY your-message

If spamfilter is not picking up some spam you can join #operhelp or #irctoo and get an oper to fix it

To permanently delete memos already marked as deleted, type /MemoServ PURGE remember though, you can't get them back once they have been purged!

Some channels have lots of rules, others have none at all. It's always a good idea to ask about channel rules when you join a new channel for the first time so you don't offend anyone or break rules you didn't know about!

Try not to type your nick or channel passwords in any channels - It's always a good idea to use your status window for important commands that include this info, that way if you make a mistake, no one will see your password - suggested by qam

IRCtoo staff will NOT ask for your nick/channel password(s). - suggested by qam

If someone is annoying you, try putting them on ignore by typing /ignore theirnick - suggested by qam

Try asking permission from the founder of a channel before using /mode #channel +e <nick> since people often misuse the exempt status. - suggested by BJway_Bandit
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If you have chatters in your channel that constantly feud, create a specified channel for them to fight in. - suggested by BJway_Bandit

You can delete all your memos by typing /MemoServ DELALL - suggested by Kobi_S
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On IRCtoo, you don't need an eggdrop to automatically remove bans after certain amount of time. Check out /ChanServ HELP SET BANEXPIRE - suggested by Kobi_S
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